Meet Sorcha Montgomery, Legal Analyst in the Data Protection Commission

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The Role

A Legal Analyst has a key role in what is one of Europe’s most prominent and active data protection regulators, with opportunities to contribute to the DPC’s extensive work at national level, as well as the high-profile and unique role it holds in the supervision of large international organisations based in Ireland. The role, equivalent to that of a legal researcher, involves legal research and analysis and the provision of legal support across a broad range of the DPC’s activities. As a result, Legal Analysts are involved in a diverse array of substantive data protection issues as well as novel legal and regulatory matters.


Sorcha Montgomery

I am a relatively recent addition to the DPC, joining the Legal Unit as a Legal Analyst in January 2024. I have a background in legal research and EU law, holding an LLM in European Law and having worked in number of legal research roles both within and prior to joining the civil service. From the very beginning of my time with the DPC, I was afforded opportunities to contribute and develop my knowledge and skills to the protection of fundamental rights through matters relating to the regulation of large technology companies, as well as to the DPC’s international engagement bilaterally with other supervisory authorities and with the European Data Protection Board.

My day-to-day work involves carrying out legal research on novel and varied areas of law to support the provision of legal advice to other units within the DPC, as well as carrying out legal research and supporting the unit’s attendance at meetings with other data protection regulators across the EU. The focus of my work is often on EU data protection law, but also on wider areas of EU and Irish law, providing intellectually stimulating opportunities to consider how legal concepts and principles might apply to novel areas of law.

There are also a number opportunities to get involved in working life at the DPC. I have recently joined the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee which aims to foster a workplace culture that celebrates the unique perspectives and experiences of all staff across the DPC. There are also quarterly communications days and a social committee that provides opportunities, such as staff barbecues, to socialise and get to know your teammates and wider colleagues (which are, of course, the DPC’s greatest asset!).

I would highly recommend the DPC and the Legal Analyst role to anyone looking for varied and engaging work in an organisation that offers a unique opportunity to experience EU law in action and contribute to the protection of fundamental rights across the EU.