Meet Lorcan O’Connor, Legal Analyst in the Data Protection Commission

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The Role

A Legal Analyst has a key role in what is one of Europe’s most prominent and active data protection regulators, with opportunities to contribute to the DPC’s extensive work at national level, as well as the high-profile and unique role it holds in the supervision of large international organisations based in Ireland. The role, equivalent to that of a legal researcher, involves legal research and analysis and the provision of legal support across a broad range of the DPC’s activities. As a result, Legal Analysts are involved in a diverse array of substantive data protection issues as well as novel legal and regulatory matters.


Lorcan O’Connor

I joined in February 2024. I had previously completed a law degree in Maynooth University and had some prior experience working in the civil service. During my third year of college, I completed a placement in the Criminal Law Reform Division in the Department of Justice. After finishing college, I studied for a master’s degree in the University of Salamanca in negotiation and conflict management. I then got a job in the Attorney General’s Office as a legal research where I stayed for a little over a year and a half before joining the DPC.

I was assigned to the role of a Legal Analyst working in the Large Scale Inquiries and Investigations Unit. My day to day work is varied and can consist of activities such as conducting legal research, writing draft decisions for a number of our inquiries, and reviewing decisions of other state data protection authorities. The inquiries I am involved in are always interesting and can deal with a whole host of data protection issues as well as other novel legal and fundamental rights matters.

I applied to join the DPC because of the leading role it plays in data protection across Europe. As a number of large multi-national companies are based in Ireland, the DPC acts as the lead regulator for those companies. Furthermore, the area of data protection is vast and always evolving which makes for an exciting and dynamic work environment. On a personal level, the DPC also provides me with great regulatory experience which is something you do not get with very many jobs.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far in the DPC. The work I do is very exciting and has a genuine real world impact. My colleagues are incredibly friendly and helpful, and are always generous with their time. There is a great sense of community with everyone working towards a common goal of protecting fundamental rights. There is also great opportunities for upskilling which is brilliant for my professional development. I am incredibly grateful that I was lucky enough to be selected for the position of Legal Analyst. I look forward to continue working in the DPC and being part of the future of data protection in Ireland and the EU.