Meet Julia Drennan, Assistant Commissioner in the Data Protection Commission

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The Role

A Legal Analyst has a key role in what is one of Europe’s most prominent and active data protection regulators, with opportunities to contribute to the DPC’s extensive work at national level, as well as the high-profile and unique role it holds in the supervision of large international organisations based in Ireland. The role, equivalent to that of a legal researcher, involves legal research and analysis and the provision of legal support across a broad range of the DPC’s activities. As a result, Legal Analysts are involved in a diverse array of substantive data protection issues as well as novel legal and regulatory matters.


Julia Drennan

I first jointed the DPC in September 2021 as a Legal Analyst and I am now an Assistant Commissioner in the Large Scale Inquiries and Investigations Unit. I qualified as a solicitor in a large corporate firm, and the role in the DPC allowed me to build on the skills and experience I gained there, and to apply them to the work of the DPC. I have been able to remain on the Roll of Solicitors while at the DPC.

Working at the DPC gives opportunities to deal with some of the most high-profile cases in global and European data protection law. My job involves novel matters in the supervision and enforcement of privacy and data protection law. There is a wide variety of work and each day I am met with legal issues that are knotty, interesting and challenging. The DPC has given me the opportunity to progress my career while working in an evolving and topical area of law. My team and I engage with supervisory authorities across Europe and attend meetings of the European Data Protection Board on behalf of the DPC. There are opportunities to represent the DPC at speaking events and this is encouraged and supported, as is continued learning and career development. The DPC seeks to gets the best of its staff’s skills and abilities and there are opportunities to undertake DPC-sponsored external training and development that are complementary to your work.

I cannot emphasis enough the DPC’s pleasant and supportive working environment, where your work is valued and career progress is supported and encouraged. My colleagues in the DPC are highly-motivated, collegiate, helpful and friendly. Your work really matters here and you are contributing to some of the most cutting-edge legal issues of our times. I am a member of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee which assists in fostering the spirit of fairness and inclusion in the organisation. There is an excellent work-life balance. If you are seeking to contribute to the public good, and to apply and develop your legal skills in an evolving and fascinating practice area, then I encourage you to consider applying for the Legal Analyst role.