Public Consultation on the DPC’s Regulatory Strategy 2020-2025 – Consultation on Target Outcomes

04th December 2019

We are currently preparing our new Regulatory Strategy, to cover the period from 2020 to 2025. We want our new strategy to ensure that we regulate with clear purpose – clear to the people whose rights we safeguard, clear to the organisations that we regulate, and clear to ourselves and our fellow regulators.

This consultation document on our Target Outcomes is the first of two rounds of open public consultation, as part of the development of the new Regulatory Strategy. The written submissions received from this first round will be analysed carefully during the drafting of the Regulatory Strategy itself.

In preparing the strategy, we are consulting as widely as possible.

  • We want to consider the views of our diverse stakeholders, especially the views of members of the public whose data protection rights we seek to uphold.

The strategy will clearly set out the DPC’s regulatory priorities.

  • We want to give insight and greater certainty to organisations and people on how the DPC intends to regulate to maximum effect.

This strategy will become our guide in how we deliver our obligations.

  • We want to exercise our regulatory powers in a way that upholds the data protection rights for as many people as possible, for maximum impact over the long-term, within the resources that are available to us.

This first round of public consultation will be open for submissions until 24 January 2020.

This consultation has now closed.

Download the Consultation Document (pdf)

The DPC also intends to publish the contents of all submissions received on the DPC website. The identity of the submitting party will also be published with each submission, unless that submitting party is an individual person and has expressly asked not to be identified.