Does the GDPR Really Say That? – Attendee Lists and Name Tags

28th February 2020

The misunderstanding that conferences, workshops and events can’t share the details of attendees because of the GDPR is one that many people may have come across. Attendees of workshops, conferences, or events have been told that the organisers couldn’t share an attendance list, or that name plates or badges couldn’t be produced, because the organisers were worried about the GDPR. ...

Data Protection and Brexit – Frequently Asked Questions

09th February 2020

Brexit, particularly in the context of a ‘No Deal’ scenario, may have a serious impact on the data protection obligations of Irish controllers which transfer personal data to the UK (including Northern Ireland); because, in a situation where the UK becomes a ‘third country’, transfers to the UK will be considered transfers outside of the EU/EEA and will require a mechanism to ensure an adequate ...

Operationalising accountability through Codes of Conduct and Certification

07th February 2020

Accountability - GDPR Article 5.2… “The controller shall be responsible for, and be able to demonstrate compliance with, paragraph 1 [the principles of data protection]” As one of the GDPR’s most important innovations, the principle of accountability (Article 5.2 in the GDPR) means that organisations processing personal data must: ...