DPC v. Facebook Ireland Limited & Schrems - October 2020

Record No.


Type of action and Venue

Plenary action seeking a preliminary reference to the CJEU, High Court

Date of Judgment Order

28 October 2020 (Written ruling)


Following written and oral submissions by the parties, the High Court made a ruling on 28 October 2020 directing the DPC to pay Mr Schrems’ costs of the proceedings in the High Court and CJEU.

The High Court refused the DPC’s application for an order directing Facebook to pay the DPC’s costs and to bear responsibility for such costs as the DPC was ordered to pay to Mr Schrems.

Current Status of Case 

The final order has not yet been perfected and so the time-period for the bringing of an appeal (if any) has not yet expired.

Costs Ruling DPC v Facebook & Schrems.pdf