The new DPC website is currently under construction. Our latest guidance in relation to GDPR, which comes into effect on 25th May, 2018, can be found at gdprandyou.ie and via pages on this website starting with "NEW" as per the navigation pane on the left. All other material on this site relates to the previous legislative regime under the Data Protection Acts 1988-2003 ("the Acts"). While the Acts may continue to apply in some circumstances, as of 25th May, 2018 the GDPR is the primary piece of legislation governing data protection.

Data Protection Commission


DPC Ireland 2017 OUTREACH    
Promoting and building awareness of the GDPR in 2017 is a top priority for the office of the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC). We will continue to take a leading role in driving awareness, in collaboration with other stakeholders where appropriate, acknowledging that effective GDPR awareness raising will be a combined effort of the DPC, the Government, practitioners, industry and professional representative bodies.
The DPC is actively engaged in pushing out the message around GDPR readiness, using a broad range of communications channels, techniques and platforms. The 2017 outreach plan comprises:
  • ·         Conferences and speaking events
  • ·         Blogging and media engagement
  • ·         Twitter
  • ·         Revamped website guidance
  • ·         Article 29 engagement
  • ·         Broad base publicity campaigns
  • ·         Information campaigns
  • ·         Annual report launch
  • ·         Website redevelopment
The DPC will continue to build on these platforms throughout 2017, and on into 2018.
Conferences and speaking events
  • The Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners and other senior staff are engaged as speakers at a number high-level, high-impact events in 2017, focusing on GDPR awareness and circulating guidance through representative organisations. Already this year we have made presentations on the GDPR at eight events, as well as at a large number of briefing sessions with industry groups and representative bodies. There are a considerable number of similar engagements planned for the coming months, where speakers from across the DPC will further promote GDPR awareness.


  • The DPC has specifically targeted the Irish public sector for the purposes of awareness raising, given the sometimes longer lead-in times to readiness in that sector. The Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners have addressed several senior management conferences over the last twelve months, and will continue to do so in the run-in to GDPR.
 Blogging and media engagement
  • The DPC has pursued all relevant opportunities to contribute to blogs or provide interviews to a variety of media sources in order to push out awareness of the GDPR to the broadest audience possible. This level of engagement will be maintained, and intensified where possible, as we approach May 2018.
  •  The DPC launched a Twitter account in mid- October 2016 which pushes out regular and relevant messages on GDPR. Since the launch DPC tweets reached over 250 thousand twitter users and we have grown our Twitter following to over 1,000 followers.
Revamped website guidance
  • The Irish DPC issued a GDPR readiness document at the end of 2016, The GDPR and You, and is currently preparing updated guidance that links back to the more detailed guidance notes the EU Article 29 Working Party comprising all of the EU’s data protection authorities recently published on Data Protection Officers, Lead Supervisory Authority and the new Right to Portability. Further GDPR guidance will published over the course of 2017. 
Article 29 engagement
  • The DPC is contributing extensively to the EU Article 29 Working Party (comprises the Data Protection authorities of the EU) initiatives to prepare timely guidance that will interpret a number of the principles-based areas GDPR introduces, and is contributing to all relevant awareness activities initiated by Article 29, including the FabLab in Brussels in April.
Broad base publicity campaigns
  • The DPC is currently developing plans for a publicity campaign, using a variety of media channels targeting the broadest possible base of data subjects, data processors and data controllers, to ensure that awareness around GDPR applicability extends to all sectors of society. Further details will be made available in the coming period.
Information campaigns
  • In February and March of 2017, the DPC will be rolling out targeted campaigns aimed at both data controllers and data subjects, focusing on access rights for individuals and on the e-marketing provisions of the e-privacy regulations.

Analysis of complaints received from individuals shows that these issues consistently account for the highest volume of concerns raised by data subjects. In rolling out these national campaigns, we will be driving awareness of data protection laws, including the message that, as a regulator, we will have far greater powers to enforce the updated laws from May 2018, and highlighting the significant administrative fining capability we will acquire.

Annual Report launch
  •  DPC is planning a late Q1 / early Q2 launch date for its 2016 Annual Report. This year's launch (which generally garners extensive coverage from domestic and international media) will focus very heavily on GDPR awareness and its advancing timelines.
Website redevelopment
  • The DPC is currently at the research and development stage of creating a new web platform that will better suit the needs of the organisation and its stakeholders. The new website will take account of GDPR requirements, such as mandatory breach notification, and facilitate integrated and effective systems to support them.
      While this is ongoing, the current website has been updated to include a GDPR-specific tab which brings together all current relevant information on the topic.   
Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

February, 2017